Information for Renters

The following pages contain information to help tenants navigate their rights and responsibilities as renters.  On each page, you can find general sef-help guides as well as links to sample letters and forms.  If you have questions about your tenancy, please call the Vermont Tenants Hotline any time, and we will talk you through your particular issues and help you understand the best options for you. 

VERMONT TENANTS HOTLINE:  (802) 864-0099 or toll free at (800) 287-7971


  • Beginning a Tenancy:  Information about leases, rental applications, and renter's insurance   
  • Security Deposits:  Laws about security deposits vary statewide.  Find information about Barre, Burlington, and statewide laws regarding security deposits, and learn helpful steps to get your deposit back.
  • Subletting : Definitions, rights, and responsibilities.
  • Notice Periods for Termination of Tenancy:  Information about how much notice your landlord must provide before asking you to move out. 
  • Evictions:  Information about the court eviction process

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