Community Outreach & Resource Advocacy (CORA)

The CORA Team was formed in 2021 to conduct outreach and provide support to people experiencing homelessness. This team of three CVOEO employees connects clients to case management, provides interim case management, supports people in the midst of mental health crises, helps people access warm shelter, and brings food and other essential items directly to people. CVOEO’s CORA Team is one of the only outreach teams that provides direct support to people in encampments and other remote, community-based locations in the Burlington area.

To better serve clients in the community and to provide a safe space for them to access vital programs and services, the CORA Team delivers food and services to people using a mobile outreach unit. This truck is equipped with two laptop computers for clients to connect to services and benefits, phone charging stations, a coffee maker, a microwave, a space heater, a minifridge, and more.


Adam Hall, Homeless Outreach Services Coordinator

Todd Brown, Community Outreach and Resource Advocate

Brenna Bedard, Homeless Outreach Services Provider