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What we do

We offer financial skill building to residents of Addison, Chittenden, Franklin, and Grand Isle Counties. If your priority is learning more about money management, building your financial stability, or increasing household assets, Financial Futures can help! We offer four programs:

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Personal Finance: small classes and one-on-one coaching to help you develop strategies for budgeting, saving money, paying down debt, building credit, and setting and achieving financial goals.

Micro Business Development Program: one-on-one counseling, technical assistance, classes, and workshops to help you start, sustain, and expand your small business.

Financial Education for New Americans: learn, discuss, and access resources regarding financial life in the United States with others who speak your language.

Vermont Matched Savings Program: save up to $1,000 over 2 years and receive $1 for every $1 you save. Savings can be used for business development, car purchases or repairs, education, or home repairs.


All services are free to those who meet our income eligibility qualifications (must make less than number indicated on chart for your household size to qualify for free services). See the chart below for program specific requirements:

Chart of eligibility requirements by program

Rachel Goldstein
Program Director
802-860-1417 x 121

Sofija Sir 
Administrative Coordinator

802-860-1417 x 112

Shiferaw Gemeda
Program Manager,
Financial Empowerment for New Americans Program
802-860-1417 x 117

John Gergely

John Gergely
Business Counselor,
Micro Business Development Program

802-860-1417 x 120

Simeon Geigel

Simeon Geigel
Business Counselor,
Micro Business Development Program
802-860-1417 x 116

Jen Myers
Financial Energy Coach

802-860-1417 x 113

Pacifique Nsengiyumva
Business Coach, Community Navigator Pilot Project

802-860-1417 x 118

Ilir Hasa
Financial Coach

802-860-1417 x 304