Housing Justice

Person holding child and sign that says

Housing is a basic human right and everyone deserves equitable access to safe, accessible, and stable homes, free from discrimination. 

Having enough quality, affordable, and inclusive homes helps build vibrant communities, and promotes economic growth and opportunity for all.

In the face of the ongoing housing crisis in Vermont, where there simply aren’t enough homes for people of all income levels - especially those of lower income and the most vulnerable in our communities - and as enter a third year of the  covid-19 pandemic, housing justice is of paramount importance.

Here are just a few examples of housing justice issues that CVOEO supports:

Get involved!

Learn more about citizen advocacy and housing committees in this Thriving Communities blog post 

Connect with the Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition

Join Rights & Democracy's Housing Justice campaigns

Connect with your local Housing Committee

Data resources:

Housing data from the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance

Community profiles and datasets from VHFA's Vermont Housing Data website

Vermont 2020-2025 Housing Needs Assessment with fact sheets on demographics, housing stock, race, homelessness, and more

National wealth inequity data from the Urban Institute

National Low Income Housing Coalition’s Out of Reach Report showing the Housing Wage, an estimate of the hourly wage a full-time worker must earn to afford a modest rental, and GAP Report, which shows the difference between availability and need for low- and extremely-low income renter households