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Flooding Resources

- Flooding resources for mobile home residents
Post Flood Resource and Information Guide

Flooding Recovery Financial Assistance for mobile home residents

The Park Flooding Recovery Assistance Fund (FRAF) supports housing stability for Vermont mobile home residents impacted by flooding. Driven by a commitment to equity, this fund provides direct financial aid to those most affected, prioritizing vulnerable and underserved households in a manner that respects their dignity and autonomy.

By providing flexible funding for essential goods and utilities, the FRAF aims to alleviate immediate hardships and aid long-term recovery. The needs assessment accounts for housing stability and household composition, ensuring resources are allocated effectively and transparently.

This funding program aims to be efficient, equitable, and accountable and embodies CVOEO’s commitment to housing support, stability, resilience, and equitable recovery for Vermont residents facing adversity. This program is made possible by a coordinated commitment by New England Federal Credit Union, VSECU and the Vermont Community Foundation. 

FRAF Overview Guide
FRAF Application Guide
FRAF Application
FRAF Verification of Eligibility
FRAF Appeal Process
FRAF Additional Assistance Request*
*Renters who satisfy the eligibility criteria are eligible for this fund.


The Mobile Home Program is one of the Housing Advocacy programs. Our goal is to give mobile home park residents greater control over their housing, through organizing and education, in order to protect and improve their housing rights and living conditions. Our services are described in detail in this PDF.

Most mobile home park residents are both owners and renters: they own their homes but rent the land underneath. The Mobile Home Program specializes in helping people living in mobile home parks navigate the unusual situation of being both an owner and a renter.

Our services

Buying or repairing a mobile home

Your rights & responsibilities

Resident associations

Park maintenance problems

Cooperative development

Emergency preparedness

MHIR Home Repair Awards - The Manufactured Home Improvement and Repair (MHIR) Home Repair Awards help manufactured (mobile) home owners in manufactured home parks prevent loss of their housing by providing repair assistance.

“We’re happy. I have to thank you for everything you’ve done. You hooked us up with the Cooperative Development Institute (CDI) and took care of us when we needed it…People are taking more pride. You see people sprucing up their places, taking care of their landscapes, moving forward. They don’t have to worry about losing their homes and who’s going to own [the park] next.”

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