An ounce of prevention...

These past months of the pandemic have driven home the point that we can and need to do much better as a society for people who are homeless and living in deep poverty.

An ounce of prevention...

We've been committed to economic, social, and racial justice for over 50 years. It's a long journey, but with your donations, we keep getting closer to a just society.

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It is community that supports and energizes us, and together with your help we accept this historic challenge. Indeed, we are all in this together.

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We, the Board of CVOEO, denounce racism and demand change: in our own lives, in our communities, in our state, and in our country.

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“I enjoy working for an agency that helps people succeed, that provides the services people need to both survive and thrive.” Director, Chittenden Community Action

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CVOEO addresses fundamental issues of economic, social, environmental, and racial justice and works with people to achieve economic independence.


Serving more than 10,000 households annually,
impacting the lives of over 23,000 individuals


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