Fair Housing Project

The Fair Housing Project works to protect and expand the fair housing legal rights of classes of people traditionally subjected to housing discrimination and exclusion. As part of that mission we work to assure that the state and municipalities are actively Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing so as to expand inclusiveness of housing opportunities in Vermont.

Fair Housing Project    

If you or your organization needs information, training, referral services regarding fair housing rights, and responsibilities the FHP can assist you.

The FHP works with our partners to eradicate illegal housing discrimination in Vermont. We provide fair housing education, training, outreach and workshops. We collaborate with agencies such as Regional Planning Commissions to provide workshops for municipal planners, zoning administrators, permitting review boards, housing developers, business leaders.

Municipal officials and volunteer boards can consult with the Fair Housing Project for assessments and training regarding Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.

Contact us:


802-660-3456 extension 110, Jessica Hyman

802-660-3456 extension 106, Ted Wimpey

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