How to Build an Informal Sales Force by Maximizing Networking Groups

Gillian Franks, small business owner, will introduce you to the concept of an informal salesforce and discuss how to empower and practically motivate other small business owners in your networking groups to promote your business. Gillian will share how over 2 years she doubled her business through membership in networking groups. She will share strategies she thought were helpful and some that were not.

Gillian will help you:

  • Identify groups that can support your business
  • Understand the effort, costs and pitfalls of having an informal salesforce
  • Develop methods to overcome shy and overpowering personality traits so you can maximize this opportunity

    This is a workshop that will work best if you are willing to be interactive, present your issues and listen to others as well as give ideas.

    By the end of this workshop you will:

    • Have a better understanding of the realities of building an informal salesforce
    • Be able to determine if you want to move forward and use this marketing tactic
    • Know which network groups to focus on building your network marketing around