Project in Swanton spreads awareness about poverty

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According to one of Vermont’s largest anti-poverty organizations, about one-third of Vermonters fall below the poverty level. To help spread awareness, an art project depicting personal stories is being shared with communities across the state.“In the past I have, and it was great that CVOEO was there to give me a hand. So I was definitely drawn this way when I saw that,” said Burlington resident Danny Kissell.

When Kissell was walking through Village Green Park in Swanton and saw a line of faces displayed on the lawn, she decided to check out the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity’s new project called “In our words, in our community.

”It’s an entire series of pop-ups across the state filled with the pictures and voices of people who live in Vermont and have experienced some form of poverty or seen it firsthand. It’s an effort to raise awareness.