Vehicle purchase assistance: MileageSmart

What is it?

The MileageSmart program makes it possible to buy a used fuel-efficient car by covering 25% of the purchase  price  - up to $5,000.

Who qualifies for MileageSmart?

Vermonters who meet the income qualification, are 18 years of age or older, and are either employed, on disability, or 60 years or older.  

What vehicle can you buy?

  • It must be used and rated at 40 MPG or better (you'll find 70+ vehicles that meet this requirement here)
  • The vehicle can be one of these 3 types: Gas-electric hybrids (ex: Toyota Prius), electric with gas back-up (ex: Chevrolet Volt), or all electric (ex: Nissan Leaf)
  • It must be purchased from a Vermont dealership 
  • Clean title & license

How can you learn more about MileageSmart and apply?

Visit or call 802-249-3043.


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