Rent Right Program and Class Registration

Our newly redesigned Rent Right Program seeks to provide participants the skills, materials, and confidence necessary to find and maintain stable housing. Upon completion of the program, participants receive a Preferred Renter Certificate as a way to demonstrate their readiness for sustaining housing. When a landlord receives an application or has a current tenant with this certificate, they will know the applicant or tenant is invested in being a successful renter, knowledgeable about resources, and connected to service providers, such as a financial coach. Experienced teaching teams from CVOEO’s Vermont Tenants and Financial Futures programs collaborate to offer the following free classes and coaching experiences:

  • Tenant Skills includes the fundamentals of tenant rights & responsibilities, leases, security deposits, repairs, health code violations, terminations, evictions, fair housing and disability law.

NEW! Tenant Skills is now offered as a fully online, self-paced course, accessible whenever suits your schedule! Please click here to sign up: Please use your full name as your user name – this will help us confirm your participation and provide you a certificate upon completion. Sign-up should take just a few minutes. You will be asked to create an account in Ruzuku, the learning platform we use, then have immediate access to the class. If you experience any problems or have questions, please reach out to us via email at or phone at 802-660-3455 ext 205.

  • Sustaining the Rent develops the knowledge and skills needed to track spending, build a budget, determine savings needed to be ready to rent, evaluate strategies for building savings, and set a timeline for saving for an apartment.
  • Finding Housing and Getting Ready to Rent focuses two-fold: 1. How to organize a housing search and approach potential landlords, including addressing barriers such as a criminal record or past eviction; and 2. Strategies to financially prepare for renting, including determining what "affordable" rent would be and comparing costs of apartments, understanding how credit affects the ability to pay rent, and knowing where to find resources to help meet housing and basic needs.
  • Financial Coaching: After completing the three classes above, participants meet one-on-one with a financial coach to review their credit report, discuss action steps to improve credit, assessing current savings and capacity to increase savings, and discuss how expenses will change as participants go from current living situation to renting and strategies adapt to these changes. Please call 802-860-1417 ext. 114 or email to schedule.

CVOEO staff are available to answer questions and provide follow-up coaching on tenant issues via our Tenant Hotline at 802-864-0099.

Class Schedule and Registration:

All classes listed in the table below are offered as 90 minute webinars and can be taken in any order - take one class or the full series! To register for an individual class, click on the link listed below. After registering, you will be sent an email with information and a link to join the class. Before your first class, you will also be asked to complete a short intake form. If you have questions or need interpretation services, please call 802-660-3455 ext. 205 or email

Date & Time


Registration Link

Tuesday, September 28, 1:00pm Tenant Skills TS Registration 9-28-21 1PM
Tuesday, October 5, 10:00am Tenant Skills TS Registration 10-5-21 10AM
Tuesday, October 5, 1:00pm Sustaining the Rent STR Registration 10-5-21 1PM
Tuesday, October 12, 1:00pm Finding Housing & Getting Ready to Rent FH&GRR Registration 10-12-21 1PM
Tuesday, October 19, 4:00pm Tenant Skills TS Registration 10-19-21 4PM
Tuesday, November 2, 10:00am Tenant Skills TS Registration 11-2-21 10AM
Tuesday, November 2, 4:00pm Sustaining the Rent STR Registration 11-2-21 4PM
Tuesday, November 9, 4:00pm Finding Housing & Getting Ready to Rent FH&GRR Registration 11-9-21 4PM
Tuesday, November 16, 4:00pm Tenant Skills TS Registration 11-16-21 4PM
Tuesday, December 7, 1:00pm Sustaining the Rent STR Registration 12-7-21 1pm
Tuesday, December 14, 10:00am Tenant Skills TS Registration 12-14-21 10AM
Tuesday, December 14, 1:00pm Finding Housing & Getting Ready to Rent FH&GRR Registration 12-14-21 1PM
Tuesday, December 21, 4:00pm Tenant Skills TS Registration 12-21-21 4PM


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