Want Help Finding a New or Better Paying Job?

If you do not receive Reach Up, but get 3SquaresVT, you may be eligible for Jobs for Independence (JFI) — a free job readiness and training program. 

We can help you even if you:

  • Don't have stable housing
  • Have a mental health issue
  • Are struggling with substance abuse or recovery
  • Have a criminal record

What help is available?

If you are selected for the program, we can help you:

  • Resolve issues that may be keeping you from work (e.g., criminal record, mental health, substance abuse, or unstable housing)
  • Find a new or better job
  • Gain work skills and knowledge
  • Pay for things you need to work like car repairs and work clothes
  • Earn the Governor’s Career Ready Certificate at the Community College of Vermont (CCV)
  • Achieve industry-recognized certification (e.g., CDL or IT Software)

How do I apply?

(802) 388-2285 (Addison County)

(802) 863-6248 (Chittenden County)

(802) 527-7392 (Franklin & Grand Isle County


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